The Balanced Business Forum 2018 will be a must attend event for any leader in the line, current or aspiring, who wants to become a great leader of people.

2018 dates to be announced

The World’s first gender balanced leadership conference

Join some of the world’s business leaders, influencers and speakers on talent management, effective leadership and organisational performance

Effective performance of leaders, regardless of gender is paramount to organisational success…

Talent management is one of the key enablers to delivering sustainable business…

This is not a Diversity, HR or Women’s event. It is a Leadership Conference on Effective Performance driven via Talent Management

The effective leadership & organisational performance event of the year – 2018 dates and location to be announced.

1 Global Forum - 1 Unique Audience - 15 International Speakers

– 1 City

“The Conference was absolutely WORLD CLASS. I can count on the fingers of one hand full day conferences that have managed to grip the audience’s attention throughout, which this one did... and what’s more, it did that despite a pretty expert audience on the topic!”

Driving Performance through Better Balanced Business: 'It's more than just the numbers'

Statistics speak for themselves, better balance makes better business. Companies with better balanced teams outperform those that don’t. However, it’s so much more than just the numbers….

We are all aware of the importance of diversity and balance, of organisations delivering on targets to ensure that no barriers stand in the way of the best talent leading organisations to drive performance. When we look back at the progress that’s been made on the issue of diversity in business over the last few years, can we afford to stop here? Can we, or you as a leader of people, afford to succumb to diversity fatigue? In order to collaboratively drive performance through better balanced business, we have to recognise that it’s more than just the numbers. As leaders, how do we continue to manage our teams, our organisations and our prospective talent to ensure a sustained shift in workplace cultures and leadership styles and to develop a robust and diverse talent pipeline to support the future of the economy?

  • The best performing companies have the best leaders, the best performing teams and attract, retain and develop the best talent.Talent Management is one of the key enablers to delivering a sustainable business.

  • The Balanced Business Forum (formerly Women’s Business Forum) is the world’s first gender balanced leadership conference. Unique in this respect, we bring together not only a great mix of male and female leaders, but representation from all sectors of business and industry to learn, be inspired and network.

  • We challenge and debate leadership and organisational performance methods, offering delegates progressive and sustainable talent management solutions.

Highlights of The Balanced Business Forum 2015

This was the best leadership conference I have ever attended! I had not expected the depth and quality of the leadership topics covered. If any business leader can attend one event next year, it should be this one!
An educational and motivational event – great speakers, good opportunities to network with leaders from other areas of business but all facing similar challenges.
Without a doubt it was the most impressive and inspiring conference I have attended.  I have come away with a fantastic mixture of thought-provoking ideas and practical guidance for next steps and I am looking forward to reporting them all back to my board.
Brilliant event and what’s more it was a significant learning curve!
A great mix of speakers who gave different perspectives on diversity and leadership.
Undoubtedly the best conference I’ve attended: challenging, thought-provoking, inspirational and motivational in equal measures.
Truly inspirational, the speakers were awesome and from a variety of backgrounds and all exceeded expectations. There was not a single lull during the whole event.
The event completely changed my thinking. It was humbling, inspiring and made me want to take action!
Truly inspirational, the speakers were awesome and from a variety of backgrounds and all exceeded expectations. There was not a single lull during the whole event.
Without a doubt the best conference I’ve attended in twenty odd years in business. Outstanding speakers and well structured. Thought provoking and career changing.
Great networking, outstanding speakers and immensely thought provoking.
I would say the best event I have attended so far as part of my career.